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From Cat Stevens to Yusuf 
12:37pm 13/05/2010
  Hi, I have just written a brief bio of Cat Stevens

From Cat Stevens to Yusuf
Live review: Cat Stevens then, Yusuf Islam last night at El Rey 
05:59pm 14/05/2009
  Live review: Cat Stevens then, Yusuf Islam last night at El Rey
02:35 PM PT, May 12 2009

There were no hard hats in sight Monday night at the El Rey Theatre, but Yusuf Islam conducted a pretty impressive display of bridge-building during his first Los Angeles performance in more than 30 years, back when he was still known as Cat Stevens.

It was an invitation-only event, potentially a prelude to an actual concert tour, and the audience was dotted with celebs, including Josh Groban, Colin Farrell, Rosanna Arquette, Cameron Crowe and Jake (Body by Jake) Steinfeld.

Yusuf made the connection between his current music from his new “Roadsinger” album to the gentle folk-rock classics from the early ‘70s — not such a big task, given that his signature grainy voice sounded pretty much the same as it did back when Richard Nixon was president. The link to his past was helped along by the presence of guitarist Alun Davies, who was a key member of his band back then, and provided beautifully colorful lead and rhythm accompaniment on such Cat Stevens cornerstone tunes as “Father and Son” and “Where Do the Children Play.”

He also made it effortless for fans to reconnect with him personally, even for those who can’t fully comprehend the scope of his conversion three decades ago to the Islamic faith. His new songs reflect a perspective of one who, unlike Bono, has found what he’s looking for spiritually, but never in a proselytizing or patronizing way.

As he sang in a new song inspired by medieval German theologian Meister Eckhart, “To be what you must, you must give up what you are.” That one opens with a piano lick cribbed from “Sitting,” the opening track from 1972’s “Catch Bull at Four” album, another deft link from past to present.

He used a long introduction to “The Wind” to give a thumbnail sketch of the many turns his life has taken, without robbing the open-hearted innocence he’s cultivated for ages, and which made him something of a Donovan for the ‘70s.

That may be the most challenging bridge he’s working on — one that can reach from a bygone age of hope into the age of snark that permeates television, the blogosphere and beyond.

He’d examined cynicism and fear long ago in “Wild World,” which he sang with opening and closing sections in Zulu from a latter-day re-recording of his early hit, then said, “I don’t believe in that philosophy any more.” He then offered up the new album’s title track, about a troubadour (representing all spiritual seekers) who ultimately finds his way.

When Yusuf dusted off “Peace Train” for his final encore, there wasn’t a grimace in sight either. He’d ridden the train across the bridge to the part in the human spirit that refuses to give up hope for a better world.
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09:00am 14/05/2009
  So, I was flipping channels last night, and caught the end of cat stevens playing on the tonight show!
did anyone else see this???
03:04pm 19/05/2008
  Does anyone know if there is a Cat Stevens cd other than the live majikat tour with C79 and, Two Fine People on it?  
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02:41pm 16/05/2008
  I hope this community isn't dead seeing as its the only cat stevens community on lj.

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15 young Yusuf icons 
08:32pm 09/11/2007
  [29-43] Cat Stevens (ie Yusuf Islam) icons

a snippet

[The rest are here]
lyric icons 
11:55pm 11/10/2007
  Hey everyone =]
I just found this community and noticed that its one of the few (if not the only) Cat Stevens one. ?! There needs to be many more =D
I have some lyric icons to share with fellow fans..
[4] Sweeney Todd 1024x768 wallpapers
[1] Matchbox Twenty lyric icon

[7] Cat Stevens lyric icons
[122] Various Johnny Depp icons & anims (including (59)21 Jump St, (37)Donnie Brasco, (26)POTC)

sample sample

[The rest are over here]
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Cat Stevens Tribute Show: MOONSHADOWS 
06:26pm 18/01/2007
mood: content

I downloaded these 3 video clips of the tribute show from the Herald Sun Newspaper website. Again, if you are in Melbourne, Australia-go and see!!!

Moonshadows Introduction/Peace Train
Father and Son
Cat Stevens Tribute Show 
09:41pm 13/01/2007
mood: chipper
Today I went to the BEST, and I mean THE BEST Cat Stevens Tribute Show Called: MOONSHADOWS :)

If you are in Melbourne, Australia, go and see it!!!! He sings, he goes through the whole story....its just fantastic! I have seen it twice already :)

Details are here: http://www.theage.com.au/news/gig-previews--reviews/moonshadows--a-tribute-to-cat-stevens/2007/01/05/1167777270428.html
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01:43pm 18/12/2006
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cat related tattoo (seven years in waiting) 
01:40pm 14/12/2006
  After a couple of hours, and a hundred and twenty dollars later.... i give you my baby.
Firecat_And_the_GarbagecanCollapse )
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02:35pm 13/11/2006
  so, is anyone else excited about 'an other cup'?  
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02:30am 16/08/2006
  I hate to beg, but does any one have an mp3 of "Tea for Tillerman"? I heard it recently during the Extras credits, and realised that I neeeeed it :)

Big thanks to smai *hugs*
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06:43pm 08/06/2006
  hi! *waves* i'm christina. 23. i don't think i ever posted in this community before. i just want to say that listening to cat stevens while taking a bubble bath is one of my favorite things to do. it's so relaxing. agree?  
11:21pm 06/02/2006
  perchance, does anyone have an uploaded copy of a is for allah?

i know it's a stretch.

if you have it and want to trade for anything i have let me know, and ill post a link to my recod list.

thanks a lot.
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02:44pm 14/12/2005
  I've been scavaging the internet for 25 minutes now, trying to lock down a copy of Dolly Parton's "Where Do The Children Play" from her new album...Yusuf appears on acoustic guitar...

So, I request this to you: If anyone has a copy of it, or can track one down on-line, post it on here so we can all hear!!

Fact: Dolly Parton originally wrote the song; I never knew that!(?) <---ha ha, just kidding...

Edit: Found small snip-it of quick time streaming of Dolly Parton...So far, she should have left the song all to Cat...here's the link...Dolly Parton Feat. Yusuf - Where Do The Children Play
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06:40pm 29/11/2005
  Remember Cat Stevens?  
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03:11pm 19/10/2005
  Cat fans may be interested in the "Voices Together" benefit concert for the wounded civilians of Iraq. The organisers are (or were?) trying to get Cat on board for the January 28, 2006 concert in New York City. Don't know how that panned out.

Yusuf Islam 
11:50am 16/10/2005
mood: bouncy
I have all of Yusuf Islam's tapes because I'm Muslim also and it's so nice to have such a public figure being Muslim and using his past career to improve Islam. May Allah bless him and allow him to make more Islamic songs!!!!
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10:17am 05/09/2005
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